The 5 best lawn varieties grown under the Australian sun.
envy buffalo

Grows well in shade and full sun, and is secretly the most allergy-friendly turf on the block.

Sun Requirement (hrs)

Envy Buffalo’s vibrant colour and spongy feel will tickle your toes

Derived from the most loved residential grass in the world, Envy Buffalo’s trump card is its ability to thrive in shady spots and full sun.

Top 5 facts about Envy Buffalo
  • It has great tolerance to pests such as lawn grubs, black beetles and curl grubs.
  • The grass rarely scalps when being mown.
  • Its massive root system makes it drought resistant.
  • Less mowing is needed to keep it healthy.
  • With an average of 30 per cent less seed head than buffalo varieties, it’s very popular for people with allergies or who are easily irritated but grass seed.
What makes Envy Buffalo unique?

This popular soft broad-leaf turf originated from the top-selling grass in the world for home lawns and you can’t help but notice it’s incredibly easy to maintain, copes with shade well and requires minimal mowing. You will enjoy the vibrant emerald green colour and because Envy Buffalo has less seed heads it’s often the preferred choice for people with allergies.

Fact: If you have any unwanted weeds to spray out of your Buffalo lawn, make sure you contact Envy Lawn for the right tips and tricks to treat it. You don’t want to spoil your good work.

What are the advantages of using Envy Buffalo?

As long as the shady spot in your backyard gets four or more hours of direct sunlight then Envy Buffalo will be happy. This slower-growing grass doesn’t require full sun to maintain its healthy appearance and as a result you’ll spend less time pushing a mower, turning on the sprinklers and spreading fertiliser. Its secret weapon is the ability it has to sustain itself in shaded area.

Where will Envy Buffalo thrive?

Most homes have areas that don’t get much sun and this is when Envy Buffalo’s secret weapon is revealed; it’s tough enough to live in most climates. It has a naturally spongy feel and no scratchy barbs down the leaf so it’s perfect for young families and those who love nothing more than lush lawn underfoot.

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