The 5 best lawn varieties grown under the Australian sun.
envy coastal

Not shy of a bit of sun or salt, coastal is the tough choice for harsh environments.

Sun Requirement (hrs)

Envy Coastal is the number one choice for water side lifestyle.

Searching for an attractive, salt-tolerant and tough lawn? You’ve come to the right place. Grown with love and scientifically proven to suit Australian conditions, Envy Coastal is a versatile and adaptable lawn that performs well in sandy and clay soils – it’s the perfect landscape grass.

Top 5 facts about Envy Coastal
  • A premium grass that has a high-salt tolerance.
  • You’ll spend less time behind the mower with this turf.
  • It’s shade resistant and grows well with or without sun.
  • Pesky lawn grubs need not apply because it’s resistant to them.
  • Intrusive weeds don’t stand a chance because its medium blade leaf and thick canopy chokes them out.
What makes Envy Coastal unique?

You get the best of both worlds with this dark-green soft-leaf turf because it’s one of the tough guys and also extremely low maintenance. Envy Coastal’s deep-root and rhizome system gives it unmatched toughness and will either grow fast or slow depending on your desire to fertilise. It’ll put up with some shade and requires very little nitrogen, and the best thing of all is that it won’t mind if you get a little complacent with watering or mowing.

Fact: Envy Coastal has steady growth meaning you have less input to keep it looking beautiful.

What are the advantages of using Envy Coastal?

You won’t need to push a mower every week with Envy Coastal because it’s a dense grass that has a slow and steady growth rate; this also makes it the ideal turf for slopes. Its salt tolerance is an advantage if you own a pool, live on the canals or near the beach, or are laying it around a water feature.

Where will Envy Coastal thrive?

This grass is so tough it can be placed anywhere near water, even recreational areas such as parks or picnic spots. Envy Coastal grows slowly, requires hardly any mowing and is a quiet achiever. It’s happy with a lot less fertiliser than all other types of turf and because of this there is far less cutting to do. We suggest Envy Coastal for anywhere down to six hours of direct sunlight in areas with low wear.

Maintenance tip: Fertilise in mid-April and again in mid-June with slow-release fertiliser applications at a heavy rate.

To discover how Envy Elite can transform your home or business into the talk of the town, speak to one of our expert turf consultants on 1800 812 592