The 5 best lawn varieties grown under the Australian sun.
Envy Couch

If practicality is on the cards then Envy couch is the right all-rounder for your new lawn.

Sun Requirement (hrs)

An all-round performer that loves sunshine and thrives under pressure

Often considered the workhorse of the Envy Lawn range, Envy Couch is an all-round performer that is loved for its fast recovery, low maintenance and value for money. Step out on to a blanket of soft and silky lawn that will be a backdrop for many occasions for years to come. You’ll watch your kids grow up on this lawn, throw a ball to your fur baby, host marvellous soirees, or simply stand still and feel the grass between your toes.

Top 5 facts about Envy Couch
  • It’s ideally mown short and can be cut as low as 15mm.
  • Good at self-repairing, its root system is very deep.
  • It provides a good dense surface for sporting fields as well as household lawns.
  • Works well for people with pets and investment properties.
  • Don’t stress if it gets a thrashing because it recovers quickly.
What makes Envy Couch unique?

A funky mid-green colour, this grass is fine textured with a strong growth structure and usually has a good tolerance of broadleaf herbicides for weed control. It loves full sun and enjoys frequent mowing, but will cope with being forgotten about too. Soft to touch, Envy Couch has a creeping/runner growth and a deep-root system, which means it’s fabulous at self-healing.

What are the advantages of using Envy Couch?

This lawn won’t mind being given a hard time by little kickers or teenagers who enjoy a bit of rough and tumble. It is an incredibly hard-wearing turf that provides exceptional value for money for investors or those on a budget. Envy Couch is a drought-hardy variety that is smart enough to go dormant in the dry times so it doesn’t matter if it’s a while between drinks.

Where will Envy Couch thrive?

A lover of fun in the sun, this tolerant lawn will grow happily almost anyway as long as it’s not in a shaded or mostly-shaded area. Envy Couch is extremely tough and fantastic for homes with children, dogs and high traffic – it’s also widely used in parks, roadsides and golf courses.

Maintenance tip: No more than 30-40 per cent of Envy Couch leaf should be removed in any one mow, avoid cutting grass when wet. To maintain its colour in winter, fertilise with a higher nitrogen and phosphorus product during autumn.

To discover how Envy Elite can transform your home or business into the talk of the town, speak to one of our expert turf consultants on 1800 812 592