The 5 best lawn varieties grown under the Australian sun.
envy play

For a top end lawn that has been grown for your busy family lifestyle. Get the look of envy with less maintenance and more outdoor family time.

Sun Requirement (hrs)

A hard wearing Aussie family favourite

With its vibrant colour and thick canopy, Envy Play is the next generation of couch, and as such it makes a statement and will complete your family home.

Top 5 facts about Envy Play
  • Less mowing is required than other varieties.
  • Its thick leaf canopy chokes out weeds.
  • You’ll be spellbound by its stunning dark colour.
  • Its thick lateral growth allows it to recover without all the mowing.
  • Heavy traffic doesn’t affect Envy Play like other varieties.
What makes Envy Play unique?

Our farmers have worked hard to cultivate this superior turf because they know it’s the sort of grass that suits most backyards. It’s drought resistant, adores active families and pets, and recovers well from heavy traffic because it has a sturdy root-growth system. It spreads from runners above and below the ground, whereas other varieties only spread from above the ground.

Fact: Envy Play is the preferred cover for high-profile surfaces such as the MCG in Victoria and Parliament House in Canberra.

What are the advantages of using Envy Play?

With less seed heads and a unique growing pattern, your family lawn mower will feel abandoned with up to 30% less mowing required on Envy Play. Our R&D team have made sure that even though you don’t have to mow as much, our Envy Play will handle twice as much rough and tumble as the next option. Making sure you have not only the best back yard cricket wicket but you actually have time to use it!

Where will Envy play thrive?

Envy Lawn know that despite our dry climate everyone loves a luscious lawn, so our qualified R&D team have created a lawn that will stand up to children, dogs, public traffic and you can be rest assured if Envy Play cant handle the wear then no variety will. For a lawn you’ll love to roll about on with your kids and one that doesn’t require a lot of work, Envy Play will deliver.

Maintenance tip: Once Envy play is established it requires less water than some other varieties. Our experts recommend less watering for longer periods rather than giving it frequent light sprinkles.

To discover how Envy Elite can transform your home or business into the talk of the town, speak to one of our expert turf consultants on 1800 812 592